At Capricho Travel, we understand each and every person has their own likes and interests. What’s more, we respect the individual preferences of each person and treat everyone as if they were our one and only customer. That is why we specialize in tailor-made vacation packages to ensure your holiday is a memorable one. Whether you would like to enjoy wine tasting at a private chateaux in France, visit Iguazu Falls and try some Tango in Buenos Aires, master the culinary art of cooking in Italy, visit the gorgeous Nordic countries and their glaciers, or soak up the incredible rays of sun in Greece,  Capricho Travel can make it all come true for you.


We have extensive experience about places around the world and will work with you one-on-one to design your own unique travel experience that is truly second to none. Once you answer a few questions, we will begin planning your all-inclusive vacation. We will provide you with extraordinary destinations, hand-picked hotel and villa properties, and exceptional tours and activities. Your customized trip will provide you with the privacy and freedom that is needed to completely enjoy a unique vacation.



Circuit Tours are one of the most popular ways to get to know new places.  There are many large-scale operators and you can select from a wide range of dates, locations, and usually very good prices.  We are authorized sellers of Circuit Tours by many of the biggest Tour Operators. We can help you choose the best Circuit Tours and flights to your Tour’s starting location that will accommodate to your dates and budget. With us you will pay no more than the cost that is advertised; however, you will receive the  added personalized service you deserve.