Capricho Travel can take care of all your Hotel, Airline, and Train needs for your vacation or work travel.




Airfares change on a daily basis and between Airlines. At Capricho travel, we will work diligently to ensure you get the best pricing available for your business and general travel needs. We will find an itinerary that suits your specific needs and budget. At Capricho Travel we go the extra mile for you. Call or e-mail us about pricing on flights.




When visiting other parts of the world, internal transportation becomes a significant expense after hotels and flights.  Public transportation is often the best and most economical way to travel within cities but can be intimidating in larger cities that are unfamiliar to us. Trains are a great way to travel between cities and even countries, particularly so in Europe and Japan. Many Rail systems around the world offer great deals for overseas travelers.  Finally, Airport-hotel transfers are not something that we bear in mind while booking our vacations but can be very expensive.  At Capricho Travel, we often incorporate train travel into our tours because they allow the traveler to see more of the countries they are visiting.  Give us a call so we can help you select the right train travel for you.




Selecting the right hotel for your vacations or business trips plays a key role in the enjoyment of your travels.  Not only do you need to consider location, but also price, proximity to airports or public transport, and added costs such as parking fees, resort fees and others.  At Capricho Travel, we take into account all your needs and provide you with the best hotels for your travel budget.

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